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Brand : AAF, Malaysia
Description : Filters are used mainly to clean the supply air. Basing on the requirement of purity of the air, different types of air filters are used. Such as: Pre-filter, Bag-Filter, Hepa Filter Etc.
Filters are used mainly in following sectors :
Air conditioning System
Industrial area with Central Air ventilation System
Food Processing Center
Electronic/ Semi-Conductor Manufacturing
Pharmaceutical Processing
Nuclear Power Station

Clean Room
Brand : AAF, Malaysia
Description : AAF is a specialist in the field of Cleanroom Air Filtration Components with a wide range of particulate HEPA and ULPA filters and Chemical filter to meet your requirements with respect to clean air. Complete cleanroom Air Filteration Systems with a system guarantee are available, utilizing AAF,s ceiling grides, housings, ceiling modules, lights and Fan Filter Units.
The wide Choice of Cleanroom Components includes : 
 Modular ceiling grid systems for dry seal and fluid seal application.
 Unitary housings and modular hoods
 Fan Filter Units (FFU)
 Cleanroom lights.
We are the Distributor of AAF Brand Filters. Till date we have sold Filters to many clients specially to Pharceutical companies and Hospitals. For Example : General Pharma, Aristropharma, Novartis, United Hospital, Apollo Hospitals etc. are some of our important clients.

Feel Free to contact us for any enquiries regarding Filters:
Contact Name : Mohammad Sharif Hossain
Mobile : 01920720382