Air Side

Air Handling Unit (CLCI /CLCP model)

  • Frame Design > Wedge type, very good for +ve pressure section
  • All CLCP models are EUROVENT Certified and CLCI models are tested in  accordance to EN1886 Eurovent Mechanical std
  • With 50mm/45mm/25 mm thick PUF panel for rigid construction
  • Higher aluminium profile 1.5mm thickness
  • Trane patented Coil design with less pressure drop
  • (Higher tube thickness 0.36mm & higher fin thickness 0.14mm)
  • Insulated dual pitched sloping drain pans allows for total condensate  removal
  • UL listed Filters available with test certificate
  • Best selection of fan design with low noise, less power consumption, high  efficiency, less face velocity
  • High quality fan bearing(L-50) use which life average of 200000Hrs
  • Strong base frame of 100mm for better rigidity & better life product
  • Customized AHU as per customer need
  • Standard Spring isolator to avoid vibration at site
  • SMART AHU which available with factory fitted TRANE controllers & LCD  touch screen panel


 Air Handling Unit

This manual indicates the instructions for correct installation, start-up and maintenance of an air handling unit (AHU) in order to achieve correct running and high efficiency and durability of all components. These instructions need to be complied with and it is recommended that they be read thoroughly before beginning the installation of the equipment. The performance limitations of each AHU are indicated on the technical sheets, which are enclosed with the equipment.

Inspection, installation, connection, start-up and control of the AHUs should only be carried out by specialized staff and according to the relevant standards. It is forbidden to disassemble, bypass or deactivate any elements of security or control that are incorporated into the equipment, while it is running. If it is necessary to disconnect the protection that is part of the equipment to carry out connection, installation, start-up or maintenance, reinstall and verify the correct running before undertaking a restart. The equipment will only operate when all components are correctly installed. The damage to any elements of the AHU caused by not complying with the instructions for installation, start-up or maintenance is excluded from the guarantee provided by TROX España. The defective components or parts have to be replaced by original parts from TROX TECHNIK. Any changes made on the machinery or any of its components that have not been explicitly authorized by TROX España are also excluded from the guarantee provided by TROX España. Specialized staff following the correct procedures Should only repair any breakdown or damage.