Daikin Unitary

Product: Ducted Split Air Conditioners


Capacity: 6.25 to 50 Ton

Description : Ducted Split is offering very wide range of product line up which is applicable from residential, to light commercial or even commercial use. It has a cabinet construction with easy to reach access valve. This R-22/407/410A Refrigerant Split has long Piping application. Its safety features consist of sensor fault indication current overload protection, wrong phase and phase loss detection during installation and operation.

Product: Rooftop Packaged Air Conditioners 


Capacity: 4.9 to 33.66 Ton

Description: Rooftop equipped with solid base foundation and compact cabinet. The Rooftop Series is designed to meet Energy Conscious market requirement. The flat top design of Rooftop system results is maximum utilization of warehouse and container space. It has an auto random restart system with microprocessor unit controls.

Product: Mini Chiller


Cooling Capacity : Range from 1.58 to 11.5

Cooling Capacity : Range from 1.91 to 11.41 ton

Capacity: R-22/R410/R407C

Description : Dakin Mini Chiller is fully integrated and equipped with key hydronic components such as expansion tank, water tank, brazed plate heat exchanger and water circulating pump. As all hydronic components are assembled and tested in factory, installation of additional component on site can be eliminated.