Precision air conditioners are used for Data Centers, Telecommunication sites, Archives and other places where controlled temperature and humidity is required. Below are the available types of precision air- Conditioners:

Floor Mounted Units

  1. Product Type: Series P, DX
    Capacity : 2.4 to 27 Ton
  2. Product Type: Series P, Chilled Water
    Capacity : 2.9 to 53 Ton
  3. Suitable for rooms where sensible nature heat loads are prevailing
  4. Reduced ground view clearance.
  5. Product Type: Series GT, DX
    Capacity : 25.9 to 37.10 Ton
  6. Product Type: Series G, Chilled Water
    Capacity : 14.2 to 63.3 Ton
  7. Separate ventilating section for installation under raised floor
  8. Suitable to meet the design criteria of last generation date centers.
  9. Product Type : Series R, DX
    Capacity : 25.9 to 37.10 Ton
  10. “In Row” installation between the server lines.
  11. Horizontal Air Flow to offer an effective localizsed cooling.
  12. Rear and front accessibility for simplified maintenance.
  13. Front and side air flow.
  14. It can be installed nest to the servers of the Data Center.

Handling units Floating floor Installation

  1. Low electrical consumption
  2. Fully silent operating
  3. Easy Maintenance
    Booster unit UTA treated Air Distribution.