Variable Refrigerant Flow Unit (VRF)

Brand : TRANE, USA

Capacity :
Outdoor Capacity Range : From 2.4 to 24 ton
Indoor Capacity Range : From 0.7 to 8 ton

In the league of coming up with new innovations, we bring a new generation of Trane TVRTM II DC Inverter System, a modular system embodied with most advanced architectural concepts and leading technology in providing an ideal environment in villas, condominiums and residence, shopping malls, hotels, offices, hospitals in a wide variety of applications. The TVR II system sets a new standard in meeting the end user’s highest expectations by providing the best–in–class high energy efficiency level with up to 4.24EER and sheer reliability. Along with the excellent performance; it is also committed to be environmentally responsible by using R410A, the refrigerant with zero ozone depletion potential, eco-design, waste reduction etc. :

  • Time Saving and Cost Effective Solution for Retrofit Projects
  • Simple Single Line Connection
  • Remote Addressing
  • Multiple Modules Design for More Applicable Options
  • Selection Software Enabling Quick Selection and Verification
  • The Outdoor Unit’s Capacity ranges up to 20HP Single Unit & Combined Single System up to 8-HP in 2-HP Increment.
  • Wide Operation range, specially Designed as per Indian Conditions. Performs even when Outdoor Temperature dips to as Low as -150C, or when Temperature Rises up to 480C.

The VRF system can be used where location for outdoor is limited, centralized control is needed, places that require low or no EMC interface and where various type of indoor unit with separate temperature is required. For example:

  • House/Apartment/Condominium
  • Exhibition / concert hall
  • Department store/ Restaurant
  • Hospitals
  • Offices