TRANE BMS- Tracer ESBuilding Management System

  • Web-based Operator Workstation
  • Scheduling, Trending, Alarming and Reports
  • Comfort call response
  • Building operator overrides occupancy,  set-point or airflow
  • Maintenance technician identifies problem in air handler
  • Occupant uses floor plan navigation  to locate a comfort problem.
  • Building performance monitoring
  • Technician reviews, graphical trend logs to review equipment performance

Trane BMS – Typical Architecture

Trane Variable Volume Boxes

  • The most advanced manufacturing  techniques in the industry have been  implemented to provide an  exceptionally rugged and reliable VAV  unit.
  • UL and CUL listing
  • AHRI Certified VAVs
  • Insulation edges are encapsulated  with metal
  • Factory-commissioned Trane controls
  • Factory installation of customer  supplied controllers
  • Single Skin and Double Skin  offerings.
  • Thermostat- Digital/Analog options available.

Multiple Modules Design for More Applicable Options

The Outdoor Unit’s Capacity ranges up to 22HP Single Unit & Combined  Single System up to 88-HP.
Wide Operation range, specially Designed as per Indian Conditions. Performs even when Outdoor Temperature dips to as Low as -150C, or when Temperature Rises up to 500C.