We have various unitary products to provide the split air-conditioning service to various clients. Each type of unitary products is of different capacity and suitable for various layout and design. The main 4 types of unitary products are as follows:

A)        Product Name: Ducted Split Air Conditioners

          Brand: DAIKIN, Malaysia

          Capacity: 6.25 to 50.0 Ton

            Description: DAIKIN Ducted Split is offering very wide range of product line up which is applicable from residential, to light commercial or even commercial use. It has a cabinet construction with easy to reach access valve. This R-22/407 refrigerant split has long piping application. Its safety features consists of sensor fault indication, current overload protection, wrong phase and phase loss detection during installation and operation.                         

B)        Product Name: Rooftop Air Conditioners

          Brand: DAIKIN, Malaysia

          Capacity: 4.5 to 33.67 Ton

          Description: DAIKIN Rooftop is equipped with solid base foundation and compact cabinet. The new A B & C Series is designed to meet Energy Conscious market requirement. The flat top design of Rooftop system results in maximum utilization of warehouse and container space. It has an auto random restart system with microprocessor unit controls. 

C)        Product Name : Split Air Conditioners

          Brand: DAIKIN, Malaysia

Description: DAIKIN Split consists of 4 different types. The names and their qualities are mentioned as follows:

 1. Wall Mounted :

 Capacity : 0.7 to 2.5 Ton

Description : It provides better indoor air quality using Bio-Engineering. The Bio antibody filter and the Titanium Apatite Filter are in action in this type of machines. It has a lower sound level with personalized setting. It has a easy to use LCD remote controller with the system.

2. Ceiling Cassette:

Capacity : 0.80 to 4 Ton

Description : This type of machines gives the optimum air discharge. Its 4 way air discharge and air swing ensure better air discharge and circulation in the room. Its self-diagnosis helps to detect any fault or malfunctioning in the system and give user a warning by blinking of the LED lights.

3. Ceiling Concealed:

    Capacity : 0.80 to 4.66 Ton

Description : It has a flexible outdoor coupling with wide external static range. Its micro-processor controlled system can offer more comfortable room conditions according to the needs of the users. Its self-diagnosis feature shows any kind of fault in the system in the wired controller.

4. Ceiling Convertible :

    Capacity : 1 to 4.66 Ton

Description : It has ceiling and floor installation option in it. It is designed to draw in fresh air from outdoor. The knock-out holes are there to provide better ventilation. The anti-fungus air filters remove the air particles from the air. It has a 2 way air discharge with automatic air swing.

 D) Product Name : Mini Chiller

      Brand: DAIKIN, Malaysia

      Capacity: R-22 Cooling: Capacity Range from 1.5 to 11.5 ton

      R-407C Cooling: Capacity Range from 1.91 to 11.50 ton

Description: This system is used mainly for air conditioning small areas requiring Chilled water cooling with individual fan-coil controls.